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Prompt/plot bunny post

This is the prompt/plot bunny post I was rambling about earlier! I am hoping to use this to collect a bunch of prompts and plot bunnies about the Tok'ra - with the hope that they will inspire someone to write more fic about the Tok'ra. It would also be great if someone got inspired by the prompts and did some art for instance!

If you have ideas for prompts, then please post them as comments to this post and I will update it regularly! Anything goes (rating, content, AU, het/slash/ long as it is somehow Tok'ra related.

Plot bunnies (longer ideas for fic)
  • Aldwin
    • why don't the symbiote speak?
    • why did he join the Tok'ra?
    • becomes host (how it happened)
    • his symbiote takes his first host
    • Why did he become shy? (the symbiote)
    • He gets a new, shy host
    • He has to pretend to be Goa'uld to survive/save someone
    • Aldwin/someone ship - who would he fit with? He absolutely can't be the one initiating a relationship!
    • His symbiote takes a new host - O'Neill! How does that go? A timid symbiote in O'Neill! Poor symbiote - he's not going to get a word in - but maybe he likes it that way!
  • Anise/Freya
    • why did Freya become Tok'ra?
    • She is a scientist - what would happen if she took Jack as host?
    • Anise/Freya/Jack ship - how did they become a pair?
    • Anise/Freya/Daniel ship. They have archaeology in common. They got together on a mission to some ruins on an alien planet
    • Anise/Freya cannot choose and Daniel and Jack both want them. They go to a planet with looser social mores and end up a foursome
    • how did Freya become Anise's host?
    • something about Freya's life before becoming a host
    • something about Anise's former host - and her life before taking that host (or before Freya at any rate)
    • Anise before she took her first host - and some about just after taking her first host
    • How do a symbiote decide to become a scientist? What happened in her life to make her do that?
    • Was she born Tok'ra or originally Goa'uld?
    • do symbiotes go to school or do they have some kind of mentor/student thing? Does Anise have students who study with her? Let's hear about her daily life and working with those!
    • Something happens and McKay ends up as her host. (Just think about what those to could come up with...)
    • In a renewed attempt to form a closer alliance between the Tok'ra and Tau'ri the PTB agree to allow two Tok'ra scientists to go to Atlantis. Anise/Freya is one of them.
    • Anise finally managed to convince Daniel to have a relationship with her and Freya (and then to become a host).
    • One of the AR teams in "Ripple Effect" included Anise/Freya.
  • Delek: why is he so annoying?
  • Egeria
    • why she became Tok'ra
    • She accidentally takes a host while the Pangarans are experimenting on her. How does this change things, and how does she go about finding the Tok'ra?
    • Ra was unsuccessful in capturing Egeria and she went into hiding. How would this change the dynamics between the Tok'ra, the Jaffa, the Goa'uld, and the rest of the galaxy? Does Egeria have her own Jaffa army since she needs to spawn more offspring? Does she have her own territory, a (hidden) homeworld, or do they still live in the Tok'ra Tunnels?
    • While fleeing from Ra Egeria gates to a planet without a functioning DHD but with a thriving population. About two millennia later SG-1 gates to the same planet.
    • One of the AR teams in "Ripple Effect" included Egeria.
  • Garshaw: why did she become Tok'ra
  • Garshaw: tell the story about her early life and about being hunted
  • Garshaw: How did she meet Yosuuf, and why did the woman volunteer to become a host?
  • Jolinar: Assume she survives and stays in Sam. Tell the story about how they escape from Earth and goes back to the Tok'ra. Also tell how they end up allying with Earth in this version too.
  • Jolinar: she gets resurrected on a mission with SG-1 and Martouf. How does Martouf react and what does Sam say. Let her stay host.
  • Jolinar flashes her eyes at Jack before she pushes him through the Gate, and then she attempts to free Sha're in order to try and prove to Sam that she wasn't lying to Daniel.
  • Sam remains her host and Jack remains as Kanan's host. How does this affect SG-1, the Tok'ra, and the SGC/NID/etc.?
  • Jolinar's reaction to Earth culture, especially how much time and effort is put into entertainment.
  • Several of the AR Sam's from "Ripple Effect" were still host to Jolinar.
  • Kanan: why did he leave O'Neill?
  • Kanan: he stays in O'Neill and Ba'al captures them both. What happens?
  • Kelmaa: she jumped into the tank instead of the floor, and she survives. Who is her new host?
  • Kelmaa: she survives and Sam becomes her host. Kelmaa wants Malek.
  • Khonsu: he survives and takes a new host; Daniel or O'Neill - or perhaps Sam
  • Khonsu: he discovers the treason and kills the Jaffa. Tell the story as it was supposed to happen, with SG-1 meeting him and getting information
  • Selmak
    • She has a mate. How does Jacob react to suddenly being in a relationship that has lasted hundreds of years and a number of hosts?
    • Saroosh had one or more children before she became a host and Selmak promised to tell their descendants of her death.
  • OC Tok'ra / Any
    • Some of the Goa'uld left on Earth after the Uprising gradually changed their view of humans and developed a similar view as the Tok'ra (kinda like Egeria, Garshaw, and Jolinar). How have they survived for the last 2 Millennia, and how do they find out about the Stargate Program?
    • The Ori conquer the Milky Way Galaxy and the remaining Tau'ri makes the decition to escape to Atlantis while they still have a functional spaceship left. About a dozen Tok'ra flees with them.
Prompts (shorter ideas for fic, art, etc.)
  • Anise/Freya: gorgeous
  • Delek: pompous ass
  • Delek and Anise: friends or foes?
  • Egeria: queen
  • Egeria: system lord
  • Garshaw/Yosuuf: the most hunted of all times
  • Jalen: visiting the Tau'ri
  • Jalen: party-time!
  • Jolinar: survival
  • Jolinar: a new host
  • Jolinar: coming home
  • Jolinar: resurrection
  • Kanan: last thoughts
  • Kanan: survival
  • Kelmaa: giving her life for the cause
  • Khonsu: last thoughts
  • Lantash: passionate

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